Community Art

Dalgety Bay Underpass

2 local primary schools Primary 7 classes. Joint project with Celie Byrne.

9 full day workshops teaching some basics: outlining, colour mixing, and applying paint on outdoor walls.

Enchanted Garden, Riverside Park

6 month project. Nursery and School aged children, High School Additional Support Department, SHAPE summer camp. Various online competitions (story writing and design) visits to schools and 1 week of Summer Camp classes.

Bowhouse Community Centre

Design led by a group of Higher Art students from Grangemouth High School.

12 full days supporting/advising the young people from concept to complete design.

Ecology Centre Burntisland – Seagrass Processing Mobile Unit

1 local primary school 3 classes, Primary 7 aged children.

3 half day workshops teaching the basics of applying paint on outdoor walls and dealing with contours.

Clued Up Project – Support Centre

3 day project. Design Led by High School aged young people.

4 sessions from concept to completion. Groupwork/colour mixing/painting techniques.